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Our most popular products include books and a manual and an electronic ‘excuse terminator’.

Paid in Full! by Tim Paulsen

Collect more money, faster and keep (most) of your customers.
  • Master the phases of a collection call
  • Right balance of being assertive
  • Writing for your living (How to write effective letters, fax and email.)
  • Whose side are you on? (Working with sales.)
  • You get what you negotiatie…and much more!
debt collection training, debt collections training

Paid in Full


A bargain at $25.00 but you can order from for only $19.95 and even have next day delivery!

The first edition went to five printings!


Save time AND money!

E-book version – immediate download for only $20.00


Other books click here

The Excuse Terminator!

This unique product is used by more than 4,000 collection professionals around the world!

Never be thrown by an excuse again! The top ten excuses for non payment – order the consumer or commercial version – with the best questions and statements developed by our collection experts. You will never want to make another call without this product that you can tailor to suit your business.

Check the video – order the product – start collecting a lot more money!

Electronic version -

Only $49.00

(single user)


Old school – keep it simple?

You may prefer the manual version of the Excuse Terminator. Keep it on your desk, use as needed. Only $25.00 (includes shipping) Canada & U.S. only.




Yes…we have an app for that!

You can download a version of The Excuse Terminator for your phone, ipod, ipad or otherdevice for only $1.99.
Seperate files for:
  • Consumer Collections
  • Commercial Collections


Click to start your purchase from a safe and secure site:

Android App

BlackBerry App

App for Iphone Ipad, Ipod



Do not spend any money on training – do not hire another collector…not until you have the chance to review The CollectABILITY Index™.

It is the next and very best thing to a guarantee of performance. The CollectABILITY Index is the future of how managers will decide on who to hire.

This great new product will help you:


  • Increase collections
  • Reduce hire and training costs
  • Improve morale

Best of all, the assessment takes less than 15 minutes to complete on-line for only $19.95!*

People fall into this profession of collections. Nobody has ever said, “I took an assessment and it indicated I have the personality fit for a professional collector.” Until now.

You will find more information at the link below, including questions and answers and you can order and take an assessment…and have your report within minutes!

Take me to The CollectABILITY Index™

(*When ordering ten or more.)



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  • Testimonials


    "As a Gold Advanced Toastmaster, I can't help myself - I am very picky about speakers – always conducting my own evaluation. Mr. Paulsen was fantastic. He was relaxed, exhibited great timing and demonstrated a wonderful way to get a message across to us. It was Impressive!
    Thanks very much."
    Carol Crouse,
    Credit Manager,
    "No excuses! The right training and the right tools and you can eliminate all excuses for being the best you can be, doing the very best you can do. No excuses."
    Tim Paulsen
    "You delivered a very dynamic, comprehensive collection-specific seminar. Our team continues to use the many techniques provided in your presentation. Your program was a real win for our collection team!"
    Craig Burkhard,
    Vice-President, Lending,
    MacDill Federal Credit Union.
    Learning about collections is sometimes as misunderstood as collecting itself. Tim Paulsen's approach leaves the learners motivated and confidant, two essential elements to making effective collections."
    Gilles N. Therrien
    Manager, Process Excellence Customer Relationship Support
    Canada Post
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